The Mountain – Dierks Bentley

We’re mixing it up a bit today on this lovely Saturday night with a little country. Dierks Bentley has been around the country scene for a while now, and with this latest studio album, he proves he is here to stay. The Mountain was recorded out in Telluride, CO and you are able to feel that influence throughout. With songs of love, inspiration, and overcoming, the Arizonan does a solid job pulling you in.

The Vocals:

Bentley has a beautifully alto voice that applies perfectly to his style of music. In every song on the album, his vocal talent emanates throughout. “Goodbye In Telluride” demonstrates just how well he can sing. Paired with solid instrumentals, Bentley hits every right note while singing about breaking up with a mysterious girl. However, his voice sounds best when paired with female background vocals. On the tracks, “Travelin’ Light” and “You Can’t Bring Me Down”, we get this beautiful complimenting sound that fits perfectly with the words being sung and the guitars, drums, piano, and banjo being played.

The Instrumentals:

While creating this album, Bentley and his crew moved to a ranch in the mountains of Colorado. The one thing that is so perfect about the instrumentals is the sound it gives off. One can nearly hear the project as a backdrop to the cold, crisp air of Colorado. However, while they used great bits of guitars and banjos, especially on “Living” and “How I’m Going Out”, I often felt like they pushed too far with a classic rock sound. There is nothing wrong with a country album that has a hint of rock and roll. Although, I feel it either has to have that sound on every track, or none at all. At times they included guitar rips that fit perfectly and then others that felt off-genre.

The Production:

This aspect of the album is on point. Bentley and his team do a fantastic job creating a fluid set of songs. No where did it feel off beat or had changed sounds completely. Every track flowed well and stayed with that Colorado influence they were after.

The Essentials:

“Woman, Amen”, “Burning Man”, and “Goodbye In Telluride”

The Rating:

This was a solid album and if you are looking to expand your horizons a bit into country, this is where I would start. It’s not too hillbilly and not too “girls, tractors, and beer”. Dierks Bentley creates a solid track list that is perfect for any cookout or beach party this summer. The Mountain gets a:


All in all, this is seriously a good album…so to those who hate on country – maybe you just have listened only to bad albums. You can trust me on this one. It’s good.



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