The Devil’s Walk – Apparat

I am going to be straight with you. I was not a fan of this album. I randomly came across it on Spotify and thought the cover artwork was cool (which you got to agree is pretty sweet). The German electronic musician Sascha Ring or Apparat just doesn’t do it for me.  The Devil’s Walk has a chill tone and is produced fairly well, but even with that it still felt lame. Let me explain.

The Vocals:

The project starts off interestingly with “Sweet Unrest”, a song that includes only background vocals over a very rhythmic beat. Apparat does sing himself on the album but we don’t see a lot of depth with his voice or character. While the notes he hits are very melodic, they don’t move much and he seems to rely more on the dynamics of the beats. His best vocal work comes on the tracks “Song of Los” and “Blackwater” with solid lyrics and good pitch. However, many of the other songs lack in both aspects, especially lyrically. He just doesn’t seem to put much emphasis and at times the words he sings are just plain lame. The opening of “Escape” feels almost like a Coldplay song with its pretty cheesy lyrics about “streets racing underneath” and “cracks passing beneath”. There is just nothing special about it.

The Beats:

Chilled out electronic music is definitely the mood Apparat was after. “Song of Los” utilized washed out synths that are hard not to vibe with. Yet much of this album feels like a buildup to nothing. There is no bass drops, no dramatic vocals, nothing. “Candil De La Calle” had me waiting for something of which I did not know what. It never came. Most of the album felt like this. The track “A Bang In The Void” has a neat sample of that xylophone, however, Apparat then kills it for me at the end of the song with such a weird manipulation of the sound.

The Production:

This was the most solid aspect of the album. The transitions were fairly fluid and he uses a variety of different sounds and instruments to create the chill electronic sound he was after. His use of toms and snares is strong and the utilization of piano loops on a few tracks keeps you interested. He went for a certain mood and he hit it on the nose.

The Essentials:

“Song of Los” and “Ash/Black Veil”

The Rating:

I was bored while listening to this. I just didn’t feel it. Nothing really wowed me or blew me away. I first heard “Ash/Black Veil” and it gave me high expectations for the album but they weren’t met. That said, The Devil’s Walk did not live up to its cover artwork and gets a:


So its the same with albums as it is with books, never judge them by the cover.




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