Mohammad Ahmad, better known as MOE, does it all. He raps, produces, writes, and engineers all his own music. With inspiration from the lyricism of Nas and Tupac as well as the electronic sounds of Flying Lotus and James Blake, the German Lebanese talent brings various styles and vibes to the table. He has done work with the German collective Resistant Mindz and is now focused on displaying his “one-man-army” approach for all of the world to hear.

“Soul” stuck out to me for one big reason…the heavy references to 50 Cent. “Many Men” is hands down my favorite track by the NYC legend and I love seeing his influence everywhere, even in a rapper from Germany. This track is honestly really catchy and smooth. The hook is singable and the beat is tough. It’s got just the right amount of darkness complimented with the playful melody of the piano. MOE isn’t perfect but he definitely has some solid potential. He has a great vibe and quick cadence and honestly is just fun to listen to.

Stream “Soul” and MOE’s other top tracks here:

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