[SINGLE] Less – Yury

This isn’t the first time I have listened to Yury and definitely will not be the last. I first discovered his single “Needless To Say” which was featured on the Colossus Heat Check. The Brooklyn based, Belarussian born rapper-producer has some serious style and a deep catalog. If you like “Less”, I am positive you will like much of the rest of his music. Yury works on every aspect of the musical process which is clear to see as each have a similar sound, yet unique vibe.

“Less” is different than what I usually listen to or write about. With its electronic feel and washed out bass drops, the track almost pulls you deeper and deeper into it. The vocals don’t push any boundaries with their lyricism but I really like the vibe. It sounds a bit like an emo-rap track however, it doesn’t have a sad beat in the slightest. One thing I have to give props to is the mixing and production. A lot of times, I listen to similar tracks with funky, washed-out beats and they sound off. “Less” is perfectly mixed and honestly just sounds cool.

Stream “Less” as well as Yury’s other top tracks here:

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