[Single] Change Up – B. Aull

If you don’t already follow the Colossus Heat Check playlist, it’s a perfect example of artists you haven’t heard yet that need to get more attention. Rapper B. Aull is exactly this. Originally coming out of Maine but now in Brooklyn, he cultivates a very vibey, unique sound with his music. He has already received a decent amount of attention on other music publications (Lyrical Lemonade and Earmilk to name the big ones) and it’s time for him to officially get attention from Colossus as well. It’s hip-hop…it’s R&B…it’s dance…it’s a vibe that will make bob your head….it’s B. Aull.

This song honestly slaps and I can’t recommend it enough. This isn’t the first time I have stumbled across B. Aull as he has once before appeared in my Discover Weekly but it is definitely the first time he has caught my attention. The track is catchy, rhythmic, and smooth. The beat feels like you are in a rainforest of hi-hats and bass. But more importantly, B. Aull creates a track that is lyrically solid and fun to listen to. You can truly hear his influence on different flows and cadences. “Change Up” is our newest find and should be your latest addition to your library or playlist.

Stream “Change Up” here:

Check out the music video for the single here:

Stream B. Aull other music here:

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