One Big Picture Show – Peter McDermott

Peter McDermott is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter out of Long Island, NY. Having played in many indie rock groups, he recently chose to venture out for his first solo project, One Big Picture Show. The EP is the perfect combination of indie rock, pop, and classic rock influences that culminate into a really good production.

The Vocals:

With this somewhat monotone voice, Peter’s singing isn’t always perfect. However, he creates this sound that is almost like a lullaby. It doesn’t push you away but almost pulls you right in. On “Drinking Song” and “Who’s Gonna Love You?”, we see this most. And even with these vocals, we still see a few dynamic aspects with his voice. “The Cure That I Need” has these almost pops of exploration from Peter as he looks to bring a slightly different sound to the last track of the EP. “Who’s Gonna Love You?” also includes some great background vocals that compliments his voice extremely well. The biggest thing that he brings to the table is his lyrical talent. Peter develops these great stories in each of his songs that make for great listens.

The Instrumentals:

This part of the project is very well done. Peter and his band do a good job creating these lively instrumentals pieces. What is most obvious is the influence of classic rock on many of the guitar riffs. “Who’s Gonna Love You?” features a great guitar solo towards the end of the song in which you can hear influence straight from Led Zeppelin or any of those classic rock legends. The instrumentals on the EP do a great job creating a strong indie rock sound.

The Production:

The fact that One Big Picture Show is only an EP is a disappointment. The class and charisma Peter brings to the project only makes you want to hear more. It would be interesting to see what he can do with the space of a full album. Transitions on the EP aren’t perfect, however, you never feel that there is a song that shouldn’t be where it is. Every song just fits with the vibe and sound Peter is bringing to the table.

The Essentials:

“Life of the Party” and “Who’s Gonna Love You?”

The Rating:

Peter does a great job not trying to be anyone else. He is himself in this EP and does a fantastic job bringing his sound across to listeners. I highly recommend checking him out, especially if you are into that indie rock sound. One Big Picture Show gets a:


This is an artist who Colossus is going to have to follow and see where he might go in the future.





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