Lost & Found – Jorja Smith

So I think I have fallen in love with Jorja Smith. No, I am serious. If you listen to this album you will too. This young woman out of Walsall, England has a voice. She might be one of the best R&B singers I have heard in a while. With her first studio album Lost & Found, Jorja talks about love and life through both song and rap. People are always talking about who is the next biggest thing in music. She this. Trust me. She is.

The Vocals:

Jorja gets a perfect score on her ability to sing. On “Lost & Found”, “February 3rd”, and “Don’t Watch Me Cry”, she shows off this level of vulnerability in her voice that just drags you right in. To be honest, it is not easier to pick out certain songs on this album to critique for the reason that it’s all so well done. Jorja proves that she can not only sing but also rap. “Blue Lights” and “Lifeboats (Freestyle)” demonstrate the influence grime has had on her, especially with her quick verses. You almost get this feeling you are listening to the British Lauryn Hill. However, Hill is not the only famous artist you can make an easy comparison too. Jorja at times sounds very similar to Alicia Keys and Adele, especially on the hit song “Teenage Fantasy”.

The Beats:

Each song on the album is very well done. With Jorja Smith coming out of England, a country known for its poor weather, each beat brings that near gloomy sound. Paired with her voice, they compliment each other perfectly to develop such a soulful sound that plays perfectly throughout. However, the strongest part of the entire albums is the drums. Between using hi-hats, bass kicks, snares, and even an orchestral, the production team created this wide variety of drum sounds. “On Your Own” and “Tomorrow” are the best examples of this creativity.

The Production:

The transitions on Lost & Found are so incredibly smooth. Each song flows into another. Every piece felt like it was in the exact right spot. Jorja’s crew went for a certain vibe and hit it perfectly. I can’t find a single aspect of the production of this album that I can complain about.

The Essentials:

You really should listen to the whole album but if you only have time for a couple tracks, listen to “Teenage Fantasy”, “Where I Did Go?”, “Wandering Romance”, and “Blue Lights”.

The Rating:

This album is perfection. Jorja Smith just makes you fall in love with her voice and the story she unravels. There is no track that you can skip nor will you even want to consider it. The young British singer kills it and Lost & Found gets a:


Look, I was not anticipating giving two 10s out this early, especially to two R&B albums. However, one can’t ignore perfection. This is another album that you just have to listen to actually understand why Jorja Smith is the next biggest thing.




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