Loop Daddy- Marc Rebillet

So folks, this week I’ve decided to cover a really interesting artist I discovered one night a few weeks ago with one of my coworkers while we were closing up the restaurant. His name is Marc Rebillet, and his music definitely isn’t for everyone. Marc released his debut album in October 2018. He refers to himself as the “Loop Daddy”, which is not only the title of his debut album but is just about the only thing about his music that makes sense. Let’s find out why the hell I chose to review his nonsensical music!

The Vocals:

I wanna start off with the vocals because although I immediately vibed to the instrumentals, it was the vocals that made me respect Marc. Although the lyrics of every single song except “I Need You” make little to no sense, this dude can sing. He has so much power in his voice and obviously can say whatever the hell he wants and still make really catchy, good sounding and (for the most part) pleasurable music. The topics of his lyrics range from needing a woman, to planning with his friends as kids (all bringing your gaming systems to one friend’s house and playing together, it sounds dumb but it’s ridiculously fun), but also he has a couple songs that have lyrics that are either really funny, or sometimes a little touchy. Regardless of what he is actually saying, his songs still sound incredible because like I said, he hooks you with the instrumental and then sells you with his voice. His best vocals are on “I Need You” which is actually one of his only songs that have cohesive lyrics. It’s a sick song as long as you don’t mind a small dose of looped and autotuned moans paired with dirty talk during an instrumental breakdown.

The Instrumentals:

I’m so conflicted with this dude. His instrumentals would be great club or EDM festival bangers; they’re upbeat, fast, well produced and generally all around solid. This dude is so out there you really gotta be down for some weirdness to vibe with his music. He’s a really talented producer for someone who uses pretty much only a keyboard and microphone. On Loop Daddy, there’s actually a really dope instrumental called “Bright” which really proves his ability as a producer. His general vibe seems to be electronic, but aside from synths and whatnot, he uses really heavy drum kits that give some of his instrumentals a really interesting hip-hop vibe. This album’s instrumentals really have completely different vibes though. This review is proving to be quite a challenge to write because I genuinely don’t know how something disorganized can be so good. Let’s just say Marc really brings the heat with his ability to make really catchy and head-bobbing melodies that really just make you wanna dance. I guess it’s safe to say the instrumentals on Loop Daddy could be bumped in a club successfully.

The Technique:

Marc’s technique to craft his songs (I think) is the main reason I like him so much. What Marc does take is talent and a deep knowledge and understanding of music. Watch any of his videos on YouTube and you’ll see his process. It’s not only really interesting from a musicians perspective but also one of the funniest things I’ve come across as far as amateur musicians on YouTube go. Let me try and paint you a picture if you already haven’t stopped reading and gone to YouTube. Picture this…a somewhat bird’s eye view (as much as you can get in your bedroom) of a man usually dressed in what I would consider the clothing of someone who wants to be a straight up hipster but won’t fully commit — he’s most of the way there though! We see a desk fully covered in with his musical arsenal. A MacBook Pro, a keyboard (electronic piano, not for typing), a BOSS RC-505 loop station, some little hand instruments (maracas, shakers, wood blocks– basically the stuff you would play with in elementary school music class), his microphone and possibly even a tambourine. The thing that makes Marc’s videos unbelievably entertaining is…well…Marc. This dudes entire body starts grooving to the music in such an emotional yet awkward way. He has the grooves for sure, but the fact that he expresses them by simultaneously and flawlessly playing piano, singing, playing drum kits (on the piano), looping it all together and flailing around like he’s trying to kill an entire swarm of bees just gets me every time. His technique is definitely one to watch and makes me wanna film myself in the studio, because I’m 99% sure I look exactly the same.

The Essentials:

“Reach Out”, “I Need You”, “Bridge”

The Overall Vibe:

Geeze guys, I genuinely don’t know. I know that what Marc does take talent. I know that for sure. I also know that he’s a really talented pianist, vocalist, and obviously a talented producer. I just don’t understand the vibe…at all…Loop Daddy can be thought of as 6 random and completely different people that all speak different languages, locked in a room together trying to have a conversation. For reasons beyond me I really like it and felt like I had to tell the world about his supreme uniqueness. I know and can name a few people who would eat this weird, funky, for some reason enjoyable music right on up.

The Rating:

Yikes…since I literally have no idea what’s going on with this album, the lyrics, or really how the instrumentals remotely belong together. As well as the fact that I really really hate his last song called “Fuck Donald Trump” (No, not because I support Trump at all, and I should mention – I’m really beyond “remotely” politically involved and don’t pay any attention to that realm of society. Me not liking this song has nothing to do with politics or America’s political climate. This is simply a genuine music review). It’s just an insanely annoying instrumental and the lyrics are really awful and I get he’s trying to be hype and funny. But really, the noise coming out of my speaker just annoyed me and I skipped it halfway through. It was just obnoxious. That being said, I give this album a whopping:


Marc, I love what you have going on, and I really do associate with and appreciate your techniques. I just find that to really have a fantastic and memorable album it has to be the slightest bit cohesive. I can’t wait to see what Marc does with his talent from here. I’m genuinely curious to find out more about him and his music through his music. I guess my overall summary of this guy is every single song has a catchy instrumental, some weird ass breakdown or monologue,  and outlandish lyrics that would probably make sense to someone after some psychedelics, or mind-altering rave substances. But…for my current mental state, I just don’t get it. Like I said a few times, the musician in me loves this guy…the normal level-headed human in me is intrigued yet somewhat uncomfortable. So, I genuinely have no idea how I truly feel about Marc Rebillet yet. So, imma just keep listening, and only time will tell.

– JMac


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