Legends of the Summer – Meek Mill

“King’s back”. Yes. Yes Meek is. After serving a prison sentence, the rapper from Philadelphia was released and immediately went to a 76ers playoff game. And now finally, he got around to releasing an EP. While it is only four songs, it is solid. He shows off his four distinct moods: King Meek, Love Meek, Old Meek, and Political Meek. Legends of the Summer is his re-entry back into the rap game and he shows he is here to stay.

The Vocals:

The vocal aspect of the album is strong. Meek Mill has a very recognizable voice, flow, and style and he doesn’t compromise it on any song. At times you might consider some of his lyrics a little arrogant, especially on “Millidelphia” with lines like:

“Who shall inherit the Earth? Meek”

However, he makes up for it with his interpolations to some rap classics. On “1am”, he references the chorus of Jay-Z’s 1999 song “Do It Again (Put Ya Hands Up)”. Then, on “Stay Woke”, he uses the lines from the ever-so-fitting and famous chorus of “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. In this song, he gets very political, talking about the broken justice system which has troubled him throughout much of his life. He opens his first verse with the powerful line of:

“We scream ‘Black Lives Matter,’ but we still toting ladders”

The Beats:

Swizz Beatz kills it on the first track of the project, “Millidelphia”. It is the strongest beat among the four songs. It just goes hard with its combination of tight hi-hats and mixes of basses and 808s. The washed out background vocals give it this spooky feel too. The rest of the beats are solid however I felt they weren’t super special. They all fit the tone Meek was trying to set but one can not ignore that opening track’s sound. The vibey groove of the subdued drum kit and flirty guitar loop on “Dangerous” shouldn’t be slept on though.

The Production:

I just want more. Plain and simple. EP’s are a great set of teasers but it always makes me crave more from the artist. The flow of the whole project wasn’t perfect but it is pretty obvious that wasn’t their overall goal.

The Essentials:

It is four songs and like 12 minutes long. Let’s not be stupid now.

The Rating:

It is nice to see Meek Mill is back. I was never a huge fan back during his early days but over the past year, I have developed my appreciation for his work. This EP makes me excited for what is to come out of Philly’s Finest. Legends of the Summer gets a:


If you are new to the blog, don’t be disappointed by the lower score, I never rate EPs highly. It is still a solid release by Meek. #FREEMEEK


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