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A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, the young 22-year-old out of The Bronx, has released his second album only a year after his first.¬†International Artist was the definition of an experimental project. The Highbridge native didn’t have a theme or a tone of the album but more of a strategy. Still being an up-and-comer, he is looking to attract fans and by collaborating with artists around the world, he might just do that.

The Vocals:

Each song on the album is truly unique. A Boogie shows off his vocal ability by adapting to the regional sound of the feature. It brings this certain level of character to the project. The appearances of Kap G, J Alvarez, and Alkaline demonstrate this the most. With “MIA”, you get this Atlanta trap vibe on the vocals. “Nonchalant” has this fitting reggae or dancehall tone. And with “Deja Vu”, you get that poppy latino flow. Matching the vocal aspects to your features is good however finding the right pairing of two artists is better. “Pretending” has that combo. Jessie Reyez and A Boogie just sound right together. Both have these imperfect vocals that just sound pure. This particular feature also makes me want a Jessie Reyez album so bad.

The Beats:

The creativity of the beats of this project was on point. Seriously, his producers didn’t miss. The whole objective of the album was to have “international vibes” and the beats allowed for that to happen. They just feel like they fit. On “Best Friend”, A Boogie brought on Tory Lanez and to complement the two, the producers created a funky R&B sound. However, the most fitting beat of all was the one for “Deja Vu”. Played behind the Spanish and English verses, we here a very Caribbean groove. The producers I felt were trying to mimic the sounds of the regions without going overboard and straying too far from A Boogie’s style. This seems like no simple task yet somehow they do a great job with it.

The Production:

I have nothing much to say here. However, one cannot ignore the objective of the project. Mixing so many sounds and genres can be risky on such a short album, however, I felt that the overarching production did well to tie it all up. Transitions were smooth and the flow was well executed.

The Essentials:

“Nonchalant”, “Best Friend”, and “Pretending” (and that whistling sample is tight).

The Rating:

I felt more could’ve been done with the album. The idea behind it is cool and unique yet I just felt like it was cut a bit short. I think they could’ve gotten away with one or two more tracks. That being said, I can’t wait for A Boogie to release his next album.¬†International Artist is a:


If you are looking for a quick listen that mixes in all sorts of sounds, this is for you.


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