Helvetica – Jelani Aryeh

It’s been great find after great find lately. Jelani Aryeh is the newest to that list. The 17-year-old artist comes out of San Diego, CA. Jelani takes inspiration for his music from music and cinema alike. His first EP titled Suburban Destinesia is equally inspired by the movie “Palo Alto”, a movie about directionless teens in the city of the same name, and Jelani‚Äôs own experiences growing up in the suburbs. Helvetica is his second EP and is a must-add for any fans of Brockhampton, Frank Ocean, Gus Dapperton, or people who just enjoy vibey music.

There is a lot going on here on this EP. But the first thing that stands out is the vocals. Dude sounds like Frank Ocean meets Arctic Monkeys. Now to most, that sounds like a really weird combination but just listen to the first track “Curls” and tell me you don’t hear both styles. Honestly, this project is just really funky and smooth. It’s only nine tracks and 25 minutes but totally worth every minute.

It’s important to note that this dude is still really young. If he is making music this entertaining at only 17, he has a huge road ahead of him. It’s not often that I say “watch out, he/she is next”, but I think he deserves it. The potential you hear in this project is incredible. Super stoked to see where he carries his career.

The Essentials:

“Curls”, “Earl Grey”, and “Patagonia”

Stream Helvetica here:

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