From The Fires – Greta Van Fleet

The pure talent of this band is special. Something is uniquely similar about them however so different that it is helping their sudden explosion into the rock scene. Lead singer Josh Kiszka, at the ripe age of 22, is already being compared to the legendary Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. From The Fires, released in November as a double EP, is bringing that classic rock sound back…and in the right kind of way.

The Vocals:

Already, Josh Kiszka gets flak for “copying” Plant’s style and voice. However, when you can sing like a rock legend, then why don’t you. Kiszka can belt out notes like no other. I feel this is most obvious in their hit song “Highway Tune”. Within seconds of the start of the song, you are met with one of those pure high pitched yells that are so distinct from the 70s rock era. If you have even an appreciation for any music from that era, you will fall in love with the way this dude can sing. His parts on “Talk On The Street” may be the best demonstration of his talent.

The Beats:

It’s hard to even think of them beats because they aren’t really. Four guys jamming out are going to create music more than anything and that’s exactly what they accomplished. What stands out the most to me is their track “Flower Power”. Greta Van Fleet creates that Woodstock 70s vibe perfectly, with bouncy, flowy drum fills and a folk-sounding guitar piece. The outro to the song includes an organ which brings that 70s vibe all the more to the forefront. If only the organ was used in more music today, you could create some serious tracks. “Edge of Darkness” also seems to carry a heavy focus on the instrumental pieces more than the singing. The drum fills allow for solid transitions and the guitar solo on the song might be the best of the whole project.

The Production:

The album just oozes that classic rock groove from the start to the end. “Safari Song” and “Highway Tune” are just so well done that at points you forget these kids ( are only in their 20s and from Michigan. Their renditions of Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” and Freeport Convention’s “Meet On The Ledge” are good but it is definitely hard to top classics. Greta Van Fleet’s producer Marlon Young does a phenomenal job recognizing the flow of the different tracks and laying them out in an order that you can rock to.

The Essentials:

I know many of my readers are often more rap and hip-hop heads than rock people. However, if there is just one song to listen to off of this album, it is “Highway Tune”. My personal favorites were “Flower Power” and “Black Smoke Rising”.

The Rating:

Hands down a fantastic album through and through. These guys are young and super talented. I have high hopes for where their careers will go. Any young artist who can bring back the sounds of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham will hopefully succeed. Unfortunately, though, this double EP only leaves me wanting more. Due to that, I give From The Fires:


Hopefully, we will get blessed with a full album soon. Once we do, I know these guys will blow up. Because…”Everyone knows that there’s talking on the streets.”




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