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It’s been a while since we have had a “New Music Monday” and even longer since we have had a country record reviewed on Colossus. Why not return from the blog’s summer break with Florida Georgia Line, a duo of country singers who have torn it up in the industry. After having a quiet recording year in 2017, focusing more on their tour, this new EP is a glimpse at their next album to come. The self-titled project, Florida Georgia Line includes four songs, each different in their own ways but remaining on par with Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley’s sound and style.

The Vocals:

These two just work well together. Neither seems to out do or outweigh the other on any of the songs. They have very smooth southern voices that just sound pleasant to listeners. To make the vocals all the better, their lyrics are catchy. Trust me when I say that after your first listen to the chorus of “Simple”, you won’t be able to resist humming or singing along.

“It’s like one, two, three
Just as easy as can be
Just the way you look at me
You make me smile”

The Instrumentals:

Hubbard and Kelley are the front men of the band and obviously the more well-known ones to fans. However, if you dive past the singers, you notice a surprisingly solid sound from the remaining members of the group. Dan Weller provides the mandolin and banjo pieces which seem to give many of the songs its distinct country sound. He does a great job on “Simple” and “Sittin’ Pretty”. Oddly enough, I also can’t help but note the percussion throughout the project from Sean Fuller. “Colorado” features a much more rock ‘n roll sounding drum kit while the following track, “Talk You Out Of It” is this super relaxed combo of snares, cymbals, and hi-hats.

The Production:

To be honest, their isn’t much to talk about here since the EP is only 4 songs long. There isn’t enough time to see any major production trends or styles but all the songs are mixed well and the transitions all feel very smooth.

The Essentials:

It’s four songs people…listen to them. If you really can’t take 12 minutes out of your day, just listen to “Simple” because its that fun and upbeat and catchy.

The Rating:

I have found that Florida Georgia Line doesn’t often disappoint with their music. They’re a solid country band, especially for anyone looking to get into the genre more. I have been a fan since Nelly hopped on the remix of “Cruise”. Hubbard and Kelley seem to have found the perfect crossroads of country, rock, and pop. With that said, Florida Georgia Line gets a:

Light 8

If you have been reading Colossus Music for a while now, you’ll know I hate EP’s because its feels like only a sample of what is to come. However, this is a solid project from FGL and highly recommend it be added to any late summer or early fall playlists you’ve got.



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