In Context- The Palmer Squares

First off, major thanks to my day one boy Chis for showing me The Palmer Squares. That being said, let’s set the scene with a quote by Acumental from “Whatever Makes You Happy” that pretty much sums up The Palmer Squares: “Term and Ac been emancipated by a rather enchanting imagination…” Term and Ac a.k.a Terminal Knowledge and Acumental a.k.a The Palmer Squares are a … Continue reading In Context- The Palmer Squares

Mac Miller: A Celebration of Life

It’s so painfully hard to even begin conceptualizing putting 3 hours of pure love into a 600-1200 word blog post. The statement “A Celebration of Life” is only the framework of what this beautiful memorial of Mac Miller turned out to be. What I watched was better described as a three-hour collaboration of eighteen beautiful memorial performances, as well as dozens of guest appearances in … Continue reading Mac Miller: A Celebration of Life

White Bronco – Action Bronson

Award-winning chef, actor, TV host, author, and rapper. The list probably goes on but if you came across Action Bronson on the streets of Queens, he is most likely the last person you would associate any of these terms with. The big, bearded ginger is not what most people would expect of a rapper, however, now onto his fifth studio record, he seems to be … Continue reading White Bronco – Action Bronson

Big Red Machine – Big Red Machine

Justin Vernon has been pushing the boundaries of alternative music for close to two decades now. He reinvented the style of home recording with Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago, brought hip-hop instincts into an indie rock setting with Volcano Choir, and has even helped Kayne West recreate his sound since their work on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Vernon’s newest project is the brainchild of his work … Continue reading Big Red Machine – Big Red Machine

JMax Hypetrain – JMac

It seems that every school in America has its own rap scene. There is always that one or two guys or girls who think they can “spit” on the mic. Sometimes, they are surprisingly good and more often than not, they aren’t. At Mercy College, we have our own up-and-coming artist by the name of JMac. When I first heard that he rapped, I laughed, … Continue reading JMax Hypetrain – JMac

Behold a Dark Horse – Roc Marciano

This review is part of the Colossus Guest Time Series. Some weeks will have one, some will have two, others will have none. At Colossus we are committed to be for the people and by the people! If you are interested in writing a review of your favorite album, DM us on Twitter at @music_colossus! Roc Marciano has quietly built one of the most consistent catalogs … Continue reading Behold a Dark Horse – Roc Marciano

Suffolk County – Cousin Stizz

If you are from Massachusetts and love hip-hop but haven’t heard of Cousin Stizz, you are not paying enough attention to the rap scene in your local area. Boston has never been known as a rap town, primarily producing a lot of rock, jam band, and alternative groups. Cousin Stizz is one of the few to come out of the city and actually make a … Continue reading Suffolk County – Cousin Stizz

Escape Tha City – Generic Tha Character

Upstate New York is not exactly the first place I would think of when it comes to growing hip-hop scenes. However, that is exactly what Eric Armitage is cultivating. Going by the stage name Generic Tha Character, the young artist has created a movement of other rappers and singers from the Utica area and formed the label and production company, Tha Bakery. When he is … Continue reading Escape Tha City – Generic Tha Character