Suffolk County – Cousin Stizz

If you are from Massachusetts and love hip-hop but haven’t heard of Cousin Stizz, you are not paying enough attention to the rap scene in your local area. Boston has never been known as a rap town, primarily producing a lot of rock, jam band, and alternative groups. Cousin Stizz is one of the few to come out of the city and actually make a … Continue reading Suffolk County – Cousin Stizz

Escape Tha City – Generic Tha Character

Upstate New York is not exactly the first place I would think of when it comes to growing hip-hop scenes. However, that is exactly what Eric Armitage is cultivating. Going by the stage name Generic Tha Character, the young artist has created a movement of other rappers and singers from the Utica area and formed the label and production company, Tha Bakery. When he is … Continue reading Escape Tha City – Generic Tha Character

Don Season 2 – Don Q

This review is part of the Colossus Guest Time Series. Some weeks will have one, some will have two, others will have none. At Colossus we are committed to be for the people and by the people! If you are interested in writing a review of your favorite album, DM us on Twitter at @music_colossus! Don Q, also known as Le’Quincy Anderson, is a hungry, up-and-coming … Continue reading Don Season 2 – Don Q

Room 25 – Noname

Fatima Nyeema Warner is not a rapper. She is a true poet who has taken the shape of a rapper. Plain and simple. Mainly going by her stage name, Noname, Warner has flows and rhymes that just catch your attention. Obviously, she is a solid hip-hop artist and a damn good one at that, but with her sophomore project, we are now seeing even more … Continue reading Room 25 – Noname

Grime & Basslinez – Jayy Grams

Not many people can say they discovered Kendrick before Kendrick or Pusha T before Pusha T or J. Cole before J. Cole. Sometimes, we as music listeners get so caught up in the mainstream sound coming out from the big labels that we don’t see who is on their way up. Every once in a while I like to dive deep into the unknowns of … Continue reading Grime & Basslinez – Jayy Grams

Haven – We Banjo 3

Growing up in my household, the four types of music I heard a lot were classic rock, 90s hip-hop, bluegrass, and Irish folk. With a grandfather who still performs Irish tunes at pubs around the New Hampshire seacoast, you can imagine I have a fair understanding of that genre. However, I had never heard of We Banjo 3 until I saw their release of  Haven just … Continue reading Haven – We Banjo 3

You Think You’re a Comic! – Gus Dapperton

He is weird. He is unique. He wears teal eyeliner and pink nail polish. He is Gus Dapperton. And the dude makes music. I first heard his sound from this short film from photographer Cameron McMurtrey and man, has it stuck with me. So much that I knew I had to review the upstate New York native’s second EP, You Think You’re a Comic! This collection of … Continue reading You Think You’re a Comic! – Gus Dapperton

International Artist – A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, the young 22-year-old out of The Bronx, has released his second album only a year after his first. International Artist was the definition of an experimental project. The Highbridge native didn’t have a theme or a tone of the album but more of a strategy. Still being an up-and-comer, he is looking to attract fans and by collaborating with artists around … Continue reading International Artist – A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

a modern tragedy vol. 1 – grandson

This EP is the definition of different. The 23-year-old out of Toronto creates what he calls “not your parents rock ‘n roll”. However, what grandson actually does is combine elements of trap, indie, rock, and EDM to develop a solid entrance onto the music scene. I randomly stumbled across a modern tragedy vol. 1 the other day and haven’t been able to stop listening. I think you’ll … Continue reading a modern tragedy vol. 1 – grandson

One Big Picture Show – Peter McDermott

Peter McDermott is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter out of Long Island, NY. Having played in many indie rock groups, he recently chose to venture out for his first solo project, One Big Picture Show. The EP is the perfect combination of indie rock, pop, and classic rock influences that culminate into a really good production. The Vocals: With this somewhat monotone voice, Peter’s singing isn’t always perfect. … Continue reading One Big Picture Show – Peter McDermott