Cabin by the Sea – The Dirty Heads

I want to start this off by saying if you don’t know The Dirty Heads, you should get to…really well. The Dirty Heads are hard to categorize into one genre because they cover a multitude of genres within their unique and soothing sounds. But, I guess the best way to sum these guys up is a delightful blend of Reggae, Hip Hop, Alternative Rock, and … Continue reading Cabin by the Sea – The Dirty Heads

Shout It Out – Balkan Beat Box

I first discovered Balkan Beat Box while playing FIFA 17, and also while consistently losing to both my brother and the computer. I am hoping at some point to do a deep dive into the FIFA soundtracks, as they are always curating some amazing playlists that include artists from all over. Balkan Beat Box is one of those groups. I would love to say I … Continue reading Shout It Out – Balkan Beat Box

You Think You’re a Comic! – Gus Dapperton

He is weird. He is unique. He wears teal eyeliner and pink nail polish. He is Gus Dapperton. And the dude makes music. I first heard his sound from this short film from photographer Cameron McMurtrey and man, has it stuck with me. So much that I knew I had to review the upstate New York native’s second EP, You Think You’re a Comic! This collection of … Continue reading You Think You’re a Comic! – Gus Dapperton

a modern tragedy vol. 1 – grandson

This EP is the definition of different. The 23-year-old out of Toronto creates what he calls “not your parents rock ‘n roll”. However, what grandson actually does is combine elements of trap, indie, rock, and EDM to develop a solid entrance onto the music scene. I randomly stumbled across a modern tragedy vol. 1 the other day and haven’t been able to stop listening. I think you’ll … Continue reading a modern tragedy vol. 1 – grandson

Dopamine – BØRNS

Look, I am aware that this album came out in 2015. I know it’s not even BØRNS’s latest release. However, it is one of my favorite alternative albums of all time and I can do what I want. Dopamine embodies perfect combinations of beautiful vocals and well-produced tracks. BØRNS is an extremely talented singer and demonstrates his ability extremely well here. BØRNS creates a fantastic set of love … Continue reading Dopamine – BØRNS