Being Human In Public – Jessie Reyez

Raw emotions and strained vocals almost always mean you are listening to Jessie Reyez. Her words are powerful as she brings us through her struggles with life and love. Being Human In Public is Reyez’s first full-length project following the release of a vast number of singles and an EP. I first discovered the Canadian singer from an interview she gave to 94.5 (Boston’s hip-hop station) … Continue reading Being Human In Public – Jessie Reyez

White Bronco – Action Bronson

Award-winning chef, actor, TV host, author, and rapper. The list probably goes on but if you came across Action Bronson on the streets of Queens, he is most likely the last person you would associate any of these terms with. The big, bearded ginger is not what most people would expect of a rapper, however, now onto his fifth studio record, he seems to be … Continue reading White Bronco – Action Bronson

Sit Down Series: Brooks Hubbard

Colossus Music is committed to developing new content for our readers! Our Sit Down Series is the next step towards more coverage of rising artists. Enjoy! – The Colossus Team Brooks Hubbard is a rising singer out of the Nashville music scene. Originally from New Hampshire, Brooks moved to the epicenter of the country and folk genre where he joined Justin Kimball and Nate Mould … Continue reading Sit Down Series: Brooks Hubbard

God’s Favorite Customer – Father John Misty

Talk about dark…Jesus Christ! Josh Tillman, who goes by the stage name Father John Misty, has some twisted things to say on this album, that’s for sure. I have been meaning to get around to reviewing God’s Favorite Customer for a while now, but for some reason, every time I sit down and listen to it, I get depressed. This whole project is one man’s long … Continue reading God’s Favorite Customer – Father John Misty

JMax Hypetrain – JMac

It seems that every school in America has its own rap scene. There is always that one or two guys or girls who think they can “spit” on the mic. Sometimes, they are surprisingly good and more often than not, they aren’t. At Mercy College, we have our own up-and-coming artist by the name of JMac. When I first heard that he rapped, I laughed, … Continue reading JMax Hypetrain – JMac

Suffolk County – Cousin Stizz

If you are from Massachusetts and love hip-hop but haven’t heard of Cousin Stizz, you are not paying enough attention to the rap scene in your local area. Boston has never been known as a rap town, primarily producing a lot of rock, jam band, and alternative groups. Cousin Stizz is one of the few to come out of the city and actually make a … Continue reading Suffolk County – Cousin Stizz

Escape Tha City – Generic Tha Character

Upstate New York is not exactly the first place I would think of when it comes to growing hip-hop scenes. However, that is exactly what Eric Armitage is cultivating. Going by the stage name Generic Tha Character, the young artist has created a movement of other rappers and singers from the Utica area and formed the label and production company, Tha Bakery. When he is … Continue reading Escape Tha City – Generic Tha Character