Shift Breaks – Ticker Tape

Brooklyn and Queens have always been the heart of the New York punk scene. The Ramones, The Dictators, and Blondie all found their audience and sound among the garages, basements, and dive bars of the sister boroughs. Recently, newer bands have been tearing through the scene by blending the punk roots of the area with more pop-heavy melodies and harmonies. Ticker Tape, comprised of Andrew … Continue reading Shift Breaks – Ticker Tape

No Road Leads There – Table Talk

The Long Island music scene has always been comprised of outcasts and afterthoughts making awesome music. Growing up in Long Island, I have always related to the ragtag identity of the local music scene ever since my first show when I was twelve. Over the past decade following the scene, I have followed a good amount of bands that associate with the misfit outlook of … Continue reading No Road Leads There – Table Talk

Pete’s Top 5 Albums of the Year

It’s been a fantastic year for music. Filled with comebacks, concept albums, and craziness. For  Colossus, it’s been our first full year of publishing content and I know I speak for everyone here saying that we are so thankful for the support you guys have shown us. We are really pumped to share some of the great things we have in the works here. For … Continue reading Pete’s Top 5 Albums of the Year

Oxnard – Anderson .Paak

Yes Lawd! The groove master of hip-hop is back with his most epic release yet. Anderson Paak’s new album, Oxnard, is sensual, smart, and cinematic. The album acts not only as a soundtrack for Paak’s life, but it also offers the listener a guidebook on modern life. From front to back, Anderson drives through current times in a vintage style. The Vocals: Where to begin? … Continue reading Oxnard – Anderson .Paak

Big Red Machine – Big Red Machine

Justin Vernon has been pushing the boundaries of alternative music for close to two decades now. He reinvented the style of home recording with Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago, brought hip-hop instincts into an indie rock setting with Volcano Choir, and has even helped Kayne West recreate his sound since their work on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Vernon’s newest project is the brainchild of his work … Continue reading Big Red Machine – Big Red Machine

Live from the Ryman – Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

  Jason Isbell is a four time grammy winner, a soon-to be Oscar nominee, and one of the most prolific country songwriter’s around. Pretty impressive right? Well, the impressive fact is that the majority people outside of the country genre have no idea who he is. Isbell has gained popularity in recent weeks, because of his work on the soundtrack for Bradley Cooper’s film, A … Continue reading Live from the Ryman – Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

Skylight – Pinegrove

It’s that time of the year again! The weather gets colder, drinks get warmer, and indie rock bands shed their bright pastel colors for more earthy tones. The flannel weather of the fall creates a yearning among indie listeners for a certain kind of warm and comforting sound. Montclair, New Jersey natives, Pinegrove, are the champions of that sound. Thankfully, they just released their sophomore … Continue reading Skylight – Pinegrove