a modern tragedy vol. 1 – grandson

This EP is the definition of different. The 23-year-old out of Toronto creates what he calls “not your parents rock ‘n roll”. However, what grandson actually does is combine elements of trap, indie, rock, and EDM to develop a solid entrance onto the music scene. I randomly stumbled across a modern tragedy vol. 1 the other day and haven’t been able to stop listening. I think you’ll understand why.

The Vocals:

Grandson has this raspy voice that gives the vocals character in every song. For some, this may turn you away but I get drawn in by it. It adds this level of flair and uniqueness to his sound. On the opening track, “Blood // Water” he pushes the limits of his voice and starts to get this more metal sound on the choruses. Yet, he is extremely diverse with what he can do. “6:00” and “Stick Up” have verses that sound more like he is rapping. With those songs, he also gets political with lines like:

“Lost his old occupation/But it wasn’t immigration/It was a machine, automation that replaced him”

The Beats:

This aspect of the EP gets an easy 3. No questions. Every beat fits perfectly, with combinations of lots of different genres and sounds. “Blood // Water” features quick hi-hat samples that feel like they would fit more in an Atlanta trap beat, while at the same time utilizing a looping guitar riff that straight out of rock ‘n roll. Plus, that build up to the beat drop is ridiculous. “Despicable” uses more of an EDM sound with aspects of other genres subtly thrown in. However, the beat that fits most perfectly is on “6:00”. With its lyrics about police brutality and its crazy aggressive chorus, the instrumentals match up perfectly with the sound and tone grandson was trying to display.

The Production:

There isn’t too much to say about the production value of the EP. It feels fairly standard for the alternative genre. One thing I must give grandson’s production team credit for is the vibe they portray. Every song has a similar message and beat that allows it to all flow nicely together.

The Essentials:

“Blood // Water”, “Stick Up”, and “6:00”

The Rating:

I am not joking when I say this has all I have been listening too for the last week. It is such a solid EP from the rising alternative singer. Its got a punk sound. Its got a trap feel. And its got a heavy rock voice behind it all. Just one cool project overall. A modern tragedy vol. 1 gets:


I promise you will like this EP. Its only five songs but makes you want to hear ten more from grandson. Just “let the body drop!”





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