JMax Top 5 of 2018

What a rollercoaster this year has been, huh? Especially for music. 2018 was a lot of things for music. We lost some great artists, we lost some not-so-great artists. Regardless their deaths caused waves in the music scene. We were also given a huuuge amount of new content! 2018 was really all-in-all a great year for music for everyone (I think). Every genre was productive … Continue reading JMax Top 5 of 2018

Being Human In Public – Jessie Reyez

Raw emotions and strained vocals almost always mean you are listening to Jessie Reyez. Her words are powerful as she brings us through her struggles with life and love. Being Human In Public is Reyez’s first full-length project following the release of a vast number of singles and an EP. I first discovered the Canadian singer from an interview she gave to 94.5 (Boston’s hip-hop station) … Continue reading Being Human In Public – Jessie Reyez

A Night At The Opera – Queen

After seeing Bohemian Rhapsody, I decided to take a closer look at one of Queen’s best albums, A Night at the Opera. This album was very ahead of its time in 1975, and it wasn’t cheap. At its release it was the most expensive rock album ever made, estimated cost was £40,000, which today is worth about $350,000. With a peculiar blend of genres all … Continue reading A Night At The Opera – Queen

Oxnard – Anderson .Paak

Yes Lawd! The groove master of hip-hop is back with his most epic release yet. Anderson Paak’s new album, Oxnard, is sensual, smart, and cinematic. The album acts not only as a soundtrack for Paak’s life, but it also offers the listener a guidebook on modern life. From front to back, Anderson drives through current times in a vintage style. The Vocals: Where to begin? … Continue reading Oxnard – Anderson .Paak

In Context- The Palmer Squares

First off, major thanks to my day one boy Chis for showing me The Palmer Squares. That being said, let’s set the scene with a quote by Acumental from “Whatever Makes You Happy” that pretty much sums up The Palmer Squares: “Term and Ac been emancipated by a rather enchanting imagination…” Term and Ac a.k.a Terminal Knowledge and Acumental a.k.a The Palmer Squares are a … Continue reading In Context- The Palmer Squares

Young Sick Camellia – St. Paul & The Broken Bones

This review is part of the Colossus Guest Time Series. Some weeks will have one, some will have two, others will have none. At Colossus we are committed to be for the people and by the people! If you are interested in writing a review of your favorite album, DM us on Twitter at @music_colossus! I stumbled on these guys because I like the Alabama Shakes … Continue reading Young Sick Camellia – St. Paul & The Broken Bones

Mac Miller: A Celebration of Life

It’s so painfully hard to even begin conceptualizing putting 3 hours of pure love into a 600-1200 word blog post. The statement “A Celebration of Life” is only the framework of what this beautiful memorial of Mac Miller turned out to be. What I watched was better described as a three-hour collaboration of eighteen beautiful memorial performances, as well as dozens of guest appearances in … Continue reading Mac Miller: A Celebration of Life